This Only Happens Once.

The day that you welcome your baby into this world is, hands down, the most important day of your life.  It surpasses your wedding day.  It surpasses graduation.  It surpasses every single thing that you've ever done, every single time, no matter how or where you give birth.  It's one of the few things in life that can't be staged or recreated.  This truly only happens once.

So why hire a birth photographer?  Your partner, your doula, your nurse, your Momma - whomever is there with you has a specific role to fill.  Their focus should be on supporting you, not fiddling with a camera.  Birth environments tend to be dim, as well, providing another level of difficulty.  We like to believe that we will never, ever forget the way our partners looked down at the squishy little baby that you worked so hard to bring earthside, or how the tears spilled down your cheeks as you looked into that sweet baby's face for the first time, or how your midwife sat quietly in the corner of the room, always watching, always patient - but we do.  Eventually, our birth stories become shorter and shorter.  Time passes.  We remember the feeling, but we can't remember the details.  That is why you hire a birth photographer - to have a tangible reminder of one of the most wonderful days of your life.

When do I need to book you?  I take two birth clients a month. I suggest contacting me as soon as you're able to get on my schedule, as it does fill up quickly.

What if I want to book a Birth Story with other sessions, like maternity or newborns?  I offer a 10% discount off your total when you book multiple sessions with your Birth Story (maternity, Fresh48, Postpartum, newborns, milestones). I love creating custom packages for my clients!

What do you mean when you say 'on-call'?   I go on-call for my clients at 38 weeks, meaning that my bags are packed, my batteries are charged, childcare is arranged and I'm ready to go whenever I get your phone call! I avoid booking births close to weddings, I don't travel and my phone is on my person 24-7.

Do you photograph cesareans?  YES! However, this is highly hospital-dependent. Some area hospitals allow me into the OR without any questions, some refuse to allow a second support person in. In the case that I am not allowed in, I typically give your partner a crash course in how to use a camera to continue the story and pick right back up when you're in recovery. For scheduled cesareans, I come for prep and stay through recovery.

What if my baby ends up in the NICU?  When possible, I follow the baby to the NICU. Otherwise, I will wait with you until we're given more information regarding baby's status and plan with you from that point.

Isn't it, you know, weird? What if I don't want 'naked' pictures?  Every birth is different, and every family is different. I try my best to respect your limits and will never share anything without your permission. With over 170 births under my belt, I have plenty of experience with all sorts of births and can gauge the needs of my clients well.

Do you travel?  I currently offer birth coverage in Louisville, Southern Indiana, Frankfort and Lexington (and surrounding areas).

What if you miss the birth? This is a partnership. I rely on you to tell me when you're in labor. I rely on good communication throughout the early stages of your birth. If I miss your birth due to tragedy, precipitous birth, catastrophe or anything of the sort, your balance will be rolled over to be used for (a) session(s), minus your retainer.

Do you have a back-up?  Yes! And she's fantastic!

How are my images processed?  I typically give a mix of color and black and white images.

Do you offer payment plans?  Yes! Birth photography is a serious investment and I'm always willing to work with you.

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