Introducing RAW Motherhood | Allison

It is rare that we actually get to visualize what postpartum looks like.  There’s this huge disconnect between what we’re shown and what actually happens, what social norms dictate.  We no longer utilize our village, we no longer encourage a lying-in period, and we’re often left alone as our partners head back to work just a few days later.  I’m excited to introduce RAW Motherhood Minis, starting with my sweet friend.  (Please email me to set up your own session!)

Allison welcomed her second little boy on Tuesday, March 28th.  We made these images just five days later.  Being able to make these images - something a little taboo, unspoken - was incredibly special to me, both as a photographer and a Mother.  Being welcomed into someone’s space when they’re so vulnerable is a privilege, every time.

“A few days after I got home, i was asked to do a postpartum session. Of course i said yes! We as mothers don’t get to see this side of our journey. We don’t take the time. I was and still am recovering from my second cesarean. I feel useless, tired, sore, fat, lazy, I feel like I don’t contribute enough. The bills keep coming, my first son doesn’t understand, there are so many things that I feel guilty about. But this session showed me that I am strong. It showed me that I am a mother of two. I created this tiny human. I made him, that is amazing. We, as women, struggle with identity issues, we struggle with body image issues, postpartum depression, and so on. These pictures may offend some people and that’s ok because to other women it helps them to know that YOU are beautiful. Thank you #mommaktshoots for showing me how special I truly am.  This is me, and I love who I am.”

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