A Love Letter

Dear Maverick, Brentlee, Shaan, Declan, Ellie, Liam, Oliver, Ruth Ann, Violet, Henley & Charlie,

First of all, thank you, sweet little babies, for making 2016 so special for me.  I was part of your welcoming committee, in those precious moments where you were between two worlds.  I loved on your Momma and joked with your Dad, I slept on hospital floors and curled up in window sills, playing the most important waiting game I’ve ever played.  I photographed the swirl of your hair, sniffed your sweet little head, ran my finger down your round little cheeks, and fell in love with each and every one of you.

I learned so much this year.  The lot of you were my teachers, providing me with experiences that I wouldn’t have otherwise.  You have no idea how important these moments are - at least not yet.  I watched your folks become parents.  Each of you came into this world under such different circumstances, but the end result was the same : you were born to parents that love you with every single bit of themselves.

One day, you may be a little bit embarrassed by your images.  That’s okay.  Later down the road, you’ll come to the realization that what your parents did by hiring me is incredibly special.  When you look at these, know how hard your Momma worked for you.  Know that in those moments right before you arrived, your Momma was giving it her all - no matter how you were born.  Little one, she is strong.  Don’t forget that.  And your Dad?  He’s strong, too.  Don’t let the tough exteriors fool you, though, I saw more than one of them wiping tears away upon your arrival.  They will fight for you, tooth and nail.  I know this because I’ve witnessed it.  It’s something that doesn’t always translate well in photographs, but trust me, I know this to be true.

You are the promise that there is something right in this world, that good still exists.  This past year has been one that falls squarely into the ‘extreme’ category and in the middle of it all, you still arrived and reminded us that it’s going to be okay.  You hold the promise of a better tomorrow.  I can not wait to see what the future brings for you.

Your Rainbow-Haired, Slightly Wild Photographer

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